Terms & conditions


  • After subscriptions have been received for the current year, members will be able to book bunks for the coming season.
  • No bookings will be confirmed until payment has been made for the duration of your stay and all bookings must be paid prior to staying in the lodge.

Who May Make a Booking?

  • Financial members of the Matamata Ski Club Inc may make a booking for themselves, family and friends.
  • Non members may also make a booking provided the lodge has employed a custodian for the duration of the ski season.
  • Members still have preference over non members but non members bookings will be confirmed 7 days prior to booking date and the lodge has received all payment owing, or at booking officers discretion.
  • Junior members and junior non members must be accompanied by a senior member or a parent or caregiver when staying at the lodge.

Who Is A Senior or Junior?

  • Members 16 and over are seniors and those under 16 are juniors.

Booking Confirmation

  • Bookings will be confirmed once payment has been received for the duration of your stay.
  • Non member bookings will only be confirmed 7 days prior to booking date or at booking officers discretion.
  • Extending your stay ~ Lodge users may wish to extend their stay; this may only be done with the approval of the booking officer. If others are booked in you will have to move out to make way for new arrivals.
  • Payment for extensions must be paid to the custodian or direct credit straight away.

Cancellations & Refunds

  • A full refunds will only be given if your booking is cancelled 7 days before your stay.
  • If your cancellation is made less than 48hrs before your stay NO refund will be given.
  • A 70% refund will be given if cancellation is made between 7 days and 48 hr.
  • NO refund will be given if you decide not to stay for the duration of your booking once you are in the lodge, due to bad weather etc.

Lodge Operation

If there is no custodian at the club a trip leader will be responsible for the operation of the lodge.

Trip Leader Duties

  1. See that the lodge rules are strictly adhered to.
  2. Allocate unreserved bunks if required and collect fees from any casual bookings.
  3. Organise meal preparation and other duties so that all work is shared.
  4. See that the building is kept clean and tidy at all times and report anything contrary to the booking officer immediately.
  5. Be responsible for the carrying out of any instruction posted at the lodge with regard to the equipment (please follow the starting up of lodge procedure below)
  6. Check all fire risks. Assign the fire warden and the deputy fire warden positions to responsible members capable of doing these tasks.
  7. Make sure the lodge is secure and tidy when leaving (please see shutting the lodge down procedure below)
  8. Make sure that the lodge has the lights, radio, TV and heater turned off when the last person leaves the lodge to go skiing.

Starting Up of the lodge when you arrive

  1. Turn on the main heater switch, this is located in the heater room by the front door, the key for the heater room is located on the notice board in the kitchen. To start the heater turn the thermostat switch to either setting, this switch is located in the lounge between the map & the fire escape door.
  2. Check the fire escape doors are free of ice and snow.
  3. Light fire and coal range.
  4. Unbolt the back door.
  5. Make sure the drying room is turned on before it is required, as it will have been turned off when the lodge is empty. Make sure the thermostat is between 15 and 20, hotter when lodge is full and the weather is bad.
  6. Make sure the hot water cylinder is turned on, the switch is located in the cupboard by the coal range.


Shutting the lodge down 

  1. Turn off the heater, the switch is located in the heater room by the front door.
  2. Empty the fire place and the coal range.
  3. Remove all rubbish and ash from the lodge.
  4. Bolt the back door, both top and bottom bolts.
  5. Lock the wood shed, key located by the notice board in the kitchen.
  6. Turn off all lights (please check bunk rooms), radio, TV, stove and toaster at the wall.
  7. Turn off the drying room.
  8. Close all windows.
  9. Return dirty linen to Matamata.